Stopping The Violence Counselling

THS Logo, hiresStopping the Violence Counsellor 2017 Job Posting

The Stopping the Violence program works within the feminist belief that women have a right to relationships which are free from violence. The STV program offers free individual counselling and support to women who have experienced violence and abuse. Often women who are victims of abuse learn that it’s not safe to voice their needs and feelings, instead, in an effort to protect themselves, they learned to focus on the needs of others. The goal of the Stopping the Violence Counselling Program is to empower women to evolve from the position of victim to victor and thus enable them to develop to their fullest potential. The program provides non-judgmental service to women 19 years old and over, and to teenage girls living an adult lifestyle.
Referrals can be made by other community agencies or individuals by telephone, personal contact, fax, or by letter. Although it is preferable for the woman to call and make her own appointment. Please see the job opportunity for this position below. Sylvia is leaving our agency and community, we’ll be sad to see her go.



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