Physical and Sexual Assault Services


When someone in the Powell River District has been sexually assaulted there are services here to support them. The Powell River General Hospital, located at 5000 Joyce Avenue has a SART program set up. SART stands for Sexual Assault Response Team and it is made up of doctors, nurses, victim support workers and sometimes a counselor as well. Below is a list of services and supports that the local SART provides.

1) SART serves anyone 13 or older who was sexually assaulted in the past 7 days.
2) SART offers free and confidential health care at PRGH 24 hours a day
3) SART offers medical assessment and treatment in a private room.
4) SART offers a team of caring and knowledgeable doctors and nurses.
5) SART offers free emergency contraception and medications for STD’s.
6) SART gives information about a victim’s legal options and supports their choices
7) SART collects evidence if a victim chooses to report to police
8) SART will store the evidence at request, until they are ready to report to police
9) SART gives information about community support services
10)SART connects victims to specialized support services with their permission.

* Sexual assault is any form of sexual contact without consent.
* Sexual assault can include kissing, touching, grabbing and forced intercourse.


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