There are not a lot of housing units in Powell River for rent if you’re on a tight budget. Sometimes having children and/or pets makes it that much harder. Landlords have the right to limit the number of people they have in a unit; and some of the less expensive units are not always in healthy environments if you have small children.  If you need help with housing issues you can contact the Stopping the Violence Outreach Coordinator at 604-485-6980. She can help with some of the rental forms or give you a lift to ‘look around’ if necessary. An option that a former client mentioned, is going online to a site called Powell River for Rent, I believe it’s accessible through Facebook.

Our advice to women searching for places to rent in town is to ‘stay current and stay on top of the landlord/realtor’s list’. It might go against your personality to phone someone every day, but it shows strong interest and believe us when we say that the ‘early and repetitive worm gets the place!’

Housing Hope Powell River is another resource for accommodation. They are federally funded and have just received support for 2018. Justin will do an intake with you to find out what works best. If you are homeless, living rough, couch-surfing, living in substandard housing etc. they can help.

You can find Housing Hope online, check out their Facebook page; Housing Hope, or you can call 604-223-2853 to make an appointment. Their email address is:                                    housinghopepowellriver@gmail.com

 Below is the link to the Life Cycle Housing site and West Coast Endeavors.





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