We have included some forms for you. These range from safety plans to rental application forms. In some cases they won’t be safe for you to print out and keep, but it would be valuable to just see what’s on them. If you are interested in having them printed out you can always give us a call and come in. One of us would be able to help you access them and perhaps give some further support. The first form is a safety plan. It gives some information on what to take when you leave your situation, how to protect yourself and your kids by having copies of birth certificates, passports, car insurance and other paperwork.

This is the link to the BC Court Services site. It can show who is in court and where. This is handy as it allows women to find out when their ex is in court, who the lawyer is, whether he’s in custody or not etc. The only cases you can’t find on this page are juvenile court and family court. To get the lists for the local cases you have to go to the courthouse (starting on Tuesdays in Powell River).

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