Children Who Witness Abuse

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The Children Who Witness Abuse Program is an intervention/prevention program created by the BC Society of Transition Houses to address the needs of children and youth who have been exposed to domestic violence. The program is available to children and youth ages 3-18.
The purpose is to support the children/youth, helping them to learn new skills, and to promote attitude and behaviour change in ways that will help them feel safe and better able to succeed socially and academically.
Some of the goals of this program include helping children and youth exposed to violence in relationships, to develop parental awareness of how domestic violence affects their children and to interrupt and break the cycle of inter-generational violence.

Our Counselor is ready to hear from you, if you’re concerned about the children in your life. She can make referrals for the parents as well so that the whole family can heal.
Call Jen @ 604-485-6968



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