Family Day

listening ears   I’ve heard that family are the people that know all about you, but love you anyway. There’s also an expression about ‘home is a place where you can go, and they’ll always let you in.’ I’m not so sure about either one of those phrases. They sound like they were thought up when family life was more ‘Leave it to Beaver-ish’.

The format of families has changed in so many ways, step-families, single parent families, gay couples with or without children, grandparents raising grandchildren, the list goes on. The whole heterosexual couple with 2.5 children is a minority in the 21st century. The important thing about families though is that a healthy one can help shape you.

So, given the change in the definition and expectations, what does the future of the family unit look like? What do you consider family? Are they there for you, or have you come to a tragic (or necessary) parting of the ways? With B.C.’s Family Day Stat Holiday coming up on the 12th this will be a good opportunity for many of us to consider what the word means, and for those of us lucky enough to still have some around, perhaps spend some quality time with them!