The right road

images4FT2D52W     For some reason every person on the face of the earth has a road they have to travel. It could be a literal road; such as the highway to their workplace, or it could be an emotional road, such as the path to wellness, or sobriety. There are an awful lot of metaphors involving roads so it’s obviously on our collective minds. Just consider the following sayings;

-‘End of the road’-It could indicate the final stages of life, employment or marriage.

Road not taken’-I feel a sense of missed opportunity when I hear this one.

‘Fork in the road’-This screams choices, go with your gut and decide your path.

-‘Road less travelled’-This is the road a lot of us chose not to take for whatever reason, it’s often the one that would have challenged us the most.

“Straight roads do not make skillful drivers”-This is my favourite quote because:

If you’ve never faced debt, substance abuse, divorce, sadness/grief, or any other human frailty, how can you support others going through tough times? How can I as a human services worker grasp what my clients are struggling with if there isn’t an Achilles Heel of some kind in my own past? Having curves thrown at you is essential to learning how to handle them, and if you can master the curves you can ace the straight lanes and be in a better position to teach others how to drive!