Ask Why?

microphone     Did anyone else watch the Golden Globes last Sunday? Even if you didn’t, you have surely heard about the event. Almost all the women wore black, some of the female stars brought women who work in the field of anti-violence as their dates instead of boyfriends or husbands. Oprah accepted her award with a speech that made some people feel like she should run for President. She discussed the #Metoo campaign and spoke of how long women have been dealing with abuse, degradation and relationship violence. This is no secret or surprise to many of us women, we talk to each other, we listen and watch our friends and neighbours. Some of us work in the field and are constantly reading industry books and emails to learn about the newest ways people have found to hurt each other.

My question is, why are men so uncomfortable with this topic? Very few, if any of the male stars discussed the evenings theme, not one mentioned the reason their co-stars were dressed to protest sexual assault by wearing black. Does the topic make them vulnerable? Do they worry they might not get a part if they’re thought of as being too controversial? Women deal with that threat all the time. In 2018 we are still considered as the sex that should just show up and look pretty. Discussing the power differences, wage inequity, and anything else political isn’t considered feminine. There are some movements towards getting men on side, “Be More Than A Bystander” is a good example. It started out as a campaign by the BC Lions and the Ending Violence Association of BC to get young men to consider how they and their friends were treating girls/women. A group of football players go around to different high schools throughout the province and talk to the males about how to step up when they see a guy abusing a girl in some way. This movement has spread to other CFL teams. I’m glad that it’s taken off, we sure do need more though. What do you think? Do we have enough power, a strong enough voice? Tell me what you think the next generation of females need from us. Take care of you.