New Year, New Promise(s)

115px-Portable_violet  I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I get too bummed out by failure. If I make one, then break it I feel like I’ve disappointed everyone; even if it’s just me that knows about it. I did start on a healthy eating/exercise/Weight Watchers program back in September, and doing fairly well on that. My next ‘non-resolution’ is to get back to things that make me happy; like writing and getting pieces published, and reading some books recommended to me. Travelling more as well, and if that can be combined with spending time with family, all the better.

Small goals are often more satisfying as they are easier to manage, and that can help with the feelings of accomplishment. What about personality change type resolutions? “I need to work on my patience, sense of humour, boundaries” etc. These are big chunk type of goals and harder to change the older we get.

Try to find small steps within each one. Let’s take patience for example. In my current and recent occupations patience is not only a virtue but ‘necessary to good mental health’. I try to break the situation into manageable chunks. “What would I gain by blowing a gasket? How would that be supportive to the client? Or effective to the solution? So, I look for ways to regain my equilibrium. For example ‘I take 5 minutes to myself’ or ‘do deep breathing exercises’, or ‘watch/recall a funny stand-up routine’ and if possible, debrief with another staff. Then, when I’m calmer I can head back into the fray in a stronger frame of mind.

What are your coping techniques? What are your promises for 2018? Not resolutions remember, just little chunks of self-improvement.