The soundtrack of your life

ipod picture   If you’ve ever been at a stop light and ‘that song’ comes on the radio, it can often send you back in time. If at 50, you’re talking to a friend and you start reminiscing about the bands you liked when you were 16, if you’re dancing in the kitchen without realizing how you started until the dj comes on and announces a tune you’d totally forgotten about, congratulations you have a soundtrack!

Not all the tunes are happy ones, and not all the memories they evoke are positive, but they mean something to you either way. Songs that played at your first wedding may bring some bitter emotions to the surface years later. Perhaps hearing bagpipe music reminds you of a grandfathers’ funeral. Just as those Madonna lyrics from 1985 make you shudder thinking of all the lace gloves and jumpsuits you squeezed into. Music is a great tool to bring people together; choirs, Christmas Carol sing-a-longs, etc.

If you had to come up with a playlist for your life, for each part of it that is, what would be on it? Songs from your teen years, adulthood, parenthood, songs from family car trips (Nana Mouskouri will live on my childhood tape reel for ever. ‘Love is a rose’ specifically). Here’s an idea for a wet weekend, compile all those special songs on a piece of paper and try to write a few lines about the memory it brings up.