‘Like busboys in a restaurant’

In the movie ‘Stand By Me’ the older version of one of the young males, has a flashback to his 12th summer. One of the lines in this flashback part of the film says something like, “I never had friends again like the ones I had when I was 12, does anyone?” It got me reflecting on my own circle of friends, and more importantly about the ones who have passed away since junior high.

At 52, obviously there have been many a year (nearly 40), since my attendance at Oceanview Jr. Secondary was mandatory. People move away from small towns to make their way in the big wide world, we lose touch and wonder what ever happened to them; until Facebook came along that is. We need friends in our lives. Family and a spouse are great, but having someone in your life that you’ve known for awhile, someone you can talk to about that same spouse or family member is essential for peace of mind and life satisfaction.

Think about your friends, what do they bring to the table? Why did you click with them and do you still know in your heart that they’d be there in a crisis? I challenge you to think about that. “People come in and out of your life like bus boys in a restaurant” (another quote from the same movie). How did you make the decision to keep the good ones from leaving?