Shelter from the storm

snow-in-pr    So this is what my blood felt like this morning; COLD! I was out de-frosting the car (at 5:15am so I could come to work) using my little spray bottle of magic. It sure speeds up the process of de-frosting, de-icing and de-lighting in general. I had the time to sit and listen to the radio while the side windows warm up enough to see out of and heard a story about the urgent need for ‘warming centers’ around the lower mainland.

This kind of story breaks my heart. If you have nothing, or very little. If you have no where good to stay, no warmth in your life of any kind, not even a pet, how do you cope?

If I’m having trouble reconciling my lifestyle, my warm home, my family, when I hear about these issues, how do really rich people deal with it all? I remember hearing about some Vancouver City Councilors and media personalities deciding to ‘sleep on the street’ to raise awareness and maybe some funds too, about homelessness. That’s great that they did that, but where did they sleep the night before, and the night after? Did the group camping trip change anything? There are still thousands of people in downtown Vancouver, (and other cities) sleeping rough in all weathers. I don’t know what to do about it. If you have any answers, drop me a line.