Brenda Lee revived.

sorry  There is nothing, well almost nothing, more annoying than someone continually apologizing. Especially if they continue to talk or behave in the same manner later. Are they apologizing that they got caught, did they really mean what they said, was their “I’m Sorry” heartfelt or just a way of appeasing the wronged person?

There’s a character on one of my favourite shows, he’s a self-admitted alcoholic but before he got sober he continued to apologize to everyone for hurting them; even if he didn’t remember the situation. He was so used to owning up for some irresponsible action that it was an automatic response. It loses it’s power; healing and forgiveness powers the most. What’s the alternative? Well, having the person think about their words and/or actions before they hurt us would be great, but beyond that? Aside from the sincerity infused into the apology there aren’t too many other ways of saying that you regret hurting, disappointing, or wounding someone. Own up to what you did, be sincere and do your best not to repeat the action. That’s how someone learns to trust you again.

On the other hand, if someone is trying to apologize to you for something, take it in the spirit it was given in, but set limits. If they’re ‘I’m sorry-ing’ you every day, you might want to look closer at their motivations. If this blog went on to long, well….I’m sorry.