Social Media ‘shout outs’

cell phoneAt the moment, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, there is a ‘hands up all those women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted’ trend on social media, it’s labelled as  #MeToo.

There are already thousands of women who have added their names to the list, and I’m sure it will hit millions by midnight. It does help some women to know they aren’t alone. I knew I wasn’t alone the first time it happened, it was in junior high and I saw it all around me. I figured it was a nasty case of testosterone poisoning and let it go. Same in high school and college; different men, same attitudes. When an older man, a friends dad, made some disgusting comments to me (and my friend at separate times), it made me feel exposed and confused. What was he saying to me? Did he think it was cute or sexy or that I would jump at the chance? I was stunned and didn’t have a smart come-back. Is that even something women feel safe doing in this day and age? Or do we still have to sit and take it so that we don’t lose friends, our job, our ‘nice girl’ rep in 2017? The power and control that men like Harvey Weinstein have held over women is mind-boggling. Every step that we take forward in society, things like equality in the workplace, maternity leave, political office; and we still have to take two steps back for every man who thinks they have the right to cross our personal boundaries for their own gain.