Keeping things private

I am just back from two weeks off, and I feel great! I started on a diet plan, (for lack of a better word) and have dropped 10lbs already. It was overdue and the weight was adding to some stress I already had. I was generally unwell and feeling kind of bad/sad about myself. Just making that decision has helped a lot, although I did miss the mashed potatoes, gravy and dessert at thanksgiving dinner yesterday. 😦

The reason behind the blog title is a nod to a stand up comedian that the spouse and I saw at the end of September. He was opening for the woman we paid to see, it’s always cool to get two acts for one ticket price so we were open minded about the material…at first. He made a multitude of allusions to his dating life, quite graphic ones at that. I’m not a prude and I have few issues about the physical side of relationships but some things need to stay behind closed doors. There is wayyyyy too much openness about people’s personal lives, the reasons behind decisions they made, people on talk shows revealing details that only they, their spouse and maybe their physician need to know.

The various social media apps let us keep friends and family updated on our every movement; we take pictures of our meals, we let people know when we’re heading for the shower, (in case they need to reach us in the next 10 minutes), when is it going to end? Where is the mystery? I can’t even ask someone what they’ve been up to lately as it’s all out there for me to see. Does anyone still have secrets? Do you ever just put your phone away for the day and pretend it’s low on minutes/battery power and be out of touch for 12 hours? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping in touch, I just signed up for Instagram on Sunday, I’m not immune, but remember you have the right to keep some things to yourself; your weight, your age, the physical side of your relationship, etc. Nobody needs to know everything about you, trust me on this one, I’m old and I remember writing my secrets in a diary, (not on Facebook) and being out of touch for hours at a time, (it was really freeing), So take care of you.