Here to Help


This website is about 2.5 years old now so some of the websites and links included have been sitting there unnoticed by yours truly. One of the mental wellness sites we have a link to is called ‘Here to Help’. When I clicked on it this morning it was exciting to see just how many useful links, articles and quizzes they have for people to check into. There are Mental Health topics, Personal stories, Addiction topics, and screening self-tests for depression, alcohol use, well-being etc. I took a couple of them while I was looking around; don’t worry I’m fine.

If  you’re wondering how you’re doing generally, I suggest you take the well-being quiz. It doesn’t send your information to anyone, it will just let you know how you’re handling life at the moment and give you some pointers on how to improve things. (If you need them). The link is on the ‘Websites and Resources’ page, or you can go to

If you want to talk to someone about the results of any of the tests there is likely someone in Powell River who can help. Mental Health & Addictions are on hand, AA or NA groups hold several meetings a week, and there are also life coaches/counsellors listed in the phone book. (Some may even be on your workplace health plan, check it out). In this day and age it would be unusual for someone not to feel overwhelmed with life. If you’re not coping like you used to, reach out and talk to someone.

Take care of you.