Early Warning Signs

light-bulb-lit-black-47541430      An early warning sign of relationship abuse can change depending on the abuser. Sometimes you know what to look for, sometimes it occurs to you afterwards. In the workbook for victim service workers called ‘helping an abused woman-101 things to KNOW, SAY and DO’ I found a list of signs and decided to share them here.

  • He speaks disrespectfully of his former partner or partners
  • his is disrespectful towards you
  • he does unwanted favours or puts on a show of generosity making you uncomfortable
  • he is controlling and/or possessive
  • nothing is ever his fault
  • he is self-centered
  • he abuses drugs or alcohol
  • he gets serious too quickly about the relationship
  • he intimidates you when he is angry
  • he has negative attitudes towards women
  • he treats you differently around other women.

These may apply to your partner or someone else you know. They may not all be present, but they do give you something to consider!